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Elementary Research

We conducted a study on the impacts of a 10-week mindfulness intervention on 4th grade students in a Denver public school serving a low-income community.

Participants scored 600% higher on pro-social behavior, 250% higher on emotional regulation, and 550% higher on academic achievement than those who did not attend mindfulness training.

In addition, 100% of the students anonymously reported that they enjoyed the class, benefited from the practice, had a desire to continue and shared the belief that all other students should learn mindfulness.

The teacher reported an increase of 11-20 minutes of teaching time.

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Middle School Impact

Research conducted with CU-Anschutz at Denver Public Schools and Adams 14 on a Be Mindful program combining schoolwide (Tier 1), small group (Tier 2), and individual (Tier 3) supports found:

  • Significant improvement in sleep quality;

  • Significant improvement in managing emotions, communication with others, staff

  • kindness to others;

  • Significant reductions in bullying and disruptive classroom behavior;

  • Out-of-school suspensions dropped by 88%; and

  • In-school intervention room (i.e. in-school suspension) assignments dropped by 67%

See what a middle school principle said about a Be Mindful school-wide intervention.

Download Principal Tonk's letter of support.




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