Mindfulness for Every Community

Customized instruction for resilience and wellbeing across the performance spectrum.

Our mission is to provide communities, regardless of their resources, with access to qualified instructor-led courses that leverage the benefits of mindfulness practice to improve quality of life; encourage diversity and inclusion while mentoring teachers within these communities and contribute valuable research to the study of mindfulness.

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What is Mindfulness?

The Science of Presence

Mindfulness is simply the deliberate focus on current experience, without getting caught up in the internal chatter or emotions that might be present.

Mindfulness practice helps us stay engaged in the present moment and creates four key effects on the brain empirically observable in the structures of the brain: better focus, improved emotional regulation, a clearer connection to our bodies, and a sense of self that includes our relationships.

The benefits of these changes in the brain span our cognitive, emotional, physiological, and social wellbeing.

Communities We Serve

Mindfulness practice conveys benefits across the performance spectrum.

How can mindfulness build resilience in your community?

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K-12 Education

Helping build healthy learning communities

How does mindfulness help educators roll back stress and create a learning environment that helps every student succeed?

First Responders

When trauma is your job

How can first responders and public safety professionals thrive in jobs known for trauma and burnout?

Corporate Performance

Boosting performance, resilience, and reliability

How can investing in mindfulness yield lower HR costs, better communication from the front line, boost morale, and improve reliability when the stakes are highest?

Community Support

Practical Tools for Tough Times

How do we support communities where trauma is epidemic and resources are scarce?